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A preventive program using a mobile application

Application is developed as an interesting three-level game, in which participants gain points for quickness, perceptiveness and in particular for knowledge. While playing the game, the player learns educational content about alcoholism prevention created by experts from this field. At the end of each level, the player has to take part in a short quiz in which he/she has to answer questions related to the topic which is also rewarded with points. Players with the highest score will be rewarded. Application is free.Specially prepared tool monitors player performance, how many people have downloaded the app and from which grade they are.

Addiction prevention is presented in the form of a mobile application for Android phone and IOS. It is designed for teenagers aged between 13-15 year. Application will contain information that will correct false and stereotypical believes that are spread among society.

This form of prevention from addiction among teenagers is result of discussions between members of our association and school educators as also thanks to meetings that took place in the district departments of health and social affairs in Warsaw.

Young people are increasingly using modern forms of education and it is difficult to get to them with traditional lectures. Thanks to our innovative tool, we will be able to make an entrance to their virtual world and by speaking with their language we will be able to start a discussion with them about effects and dangers that comes with overusing alcohol and taking drugs.


Goals Of Association

The main goal of Gradiam Association as well as main statutory objectives is providing versatile assistance for people addicted to alcohol and chemicals that change awareness . Introducing preventional and educational programme among teenagers in the field of effects and risks, that abusing alcohol and taking drugs can take. Spreading help in organizing activities during leisure time of people that decided to give up addiction and started curation.