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App is available in Google Play Store for phones with Android system and in Apple store for IOS users. Application name – MIEJSKIE HISTORIE. When you run the application you have to write your school number, grade and nickname in the login. The nickname you choose will be shown on the scoreboards. Five participants with the highest score will win prizes ( for example: electronic gadgets, cinema and theme park tickets). Every user has only two tries when points are being counted. Out of these two tries the best one will be saved. Everyone that has got the application download can check the scoreboard. Information with an application access date will be sent by e-mail to the school e-mail accounts or provided to teachers.

In order to win you have to read carefully instructions that pop up during levels and collect as many points as you can.

Application is developed as an interesting three-level game, in which participants gain points for quickness, perceptiveness and in particular for knowledge. While playing the game, the player learns educational content about alcoholism prevention created by experts from this field. At the end of each level, the player has to take part in a short quiz in which he/she has to answer questions related to the topic which is also rewarded with points. Players with the highest score will be rewarded. Application is free to download.

Puzzle game
Arcade game
Strategic game

In each level the player must collect a certain amount of hearts. Each of the hearts displays preventive and debunking alcohol-related myths and more.

Sample scoreboard

Chat with the addiction expert

If you have questions about alcohol or other psychoactive substances, on the selected days and hours there will be suitably qualified person that you can contact with. Contact is anonymous.

Below are links to forms that need to be completed and submitted. Forms are placed on Google drive.
This is a prerequisite for joining the remote prevention program for alcohol addiction using the mobile app.
Survey no. 2 must be completed and submitted after the end of the preventive program.

Forms to fill out